Throughout the book of Proverbs especially the first 10 chapters, wisdom is pictured as a woman, and the young man is encouraged to “marry” himself to her. The same book ends with the description of a virtuous woman. As the book opened with a call to those who are wise (Prov. 1:5) to fear God (Prov 1:7), it closes with the beautiful description of the influential and wise woman who also fears the Lord (Prov. 31:30)

What is strikingly important is that a young man is repeatedly told that his choice of wife will be a determining influence on his life and career. If he finds a good woman and focuses his affections on her alone, he will find security, abundance and satisfaction. Any other course is folly.

Thus a woman has the grace from God to be wise because a woman is wisdom personified. Once wisdom is embraced, such a woman is trustworthy (Prov. 31: 11-12), Industrious (v.13-15), Resourceful (v.16-19), Compassionate (v.20), Prudent (v.21-24) and well spoken (v.26). All these are an expression of her obedience to God (v.30). She uses it to exercise influence. How? Prov. 31: 10-31 provides us with a guide and such are the women in and of this dynamic Ministry of the Overcomers Faith centre.

They have among other things:
• A delightful attitude 9v13)
• Healthy attitude (18)
• Compassionate attitude (20)
• Unselfish attitude (20)
• A presentable attitude in Public (25)

And with this, they exercise influence in this ministry, in their families, neighbourhood and in their works.

They maintain a helpful, positive and willing attitude. They are assets and a demonstration of practical Christianity.

I invite all to join me to bless them and give God the glory for their lives, because their conduct, concern, speech, style and life stand out in sharp contrast to an ordinary woman! AMEN!

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