The Worst Is Over

The Worst Is Over

Romans 8:32

Somebody needs to hear this. Somebody needs to know it. Somebody needs to understand and shout it aloud to herself or himself that “the worst is over in my life, family, finance and future. The basis for this is understanding and applying it.

The Bible says that “understanding is a well spring of life to him who has it” Proverbs 16:22. Which means that it is not every time and always that you understand what you read or what you are taught? Thus you need to ask for understanding in what you are about to read and the enabling grace to apply it in your life.

The bottom line is that the Bible has declared that “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things” Romans 8:32. Breaking this passage of Scripture means that
• God did not spare His own son
• He Delivered Him up
• For us all which includes you
• Shall He not with Him
• Freely give us which includes you too
• All things which includes yours too

Somebody needs to shout for joy at the remembrance of this; the revelation of this divine truth in your inner being would mean the end of lack and poverty in your life. Every stubborn situation and circumstance that you are currently facing will answer to this word of life. The word alone should bring home the truth that your prayers have now been heard and the things that tend to paralyse your progress are about to be shattered. I see somebody jump for joy for it is now real that you are included in the word “us” and “all things” include your own prayer points or needs.

God knows all struggles of all men and women. He knows that we can feel trapped sometimes; we can be confused, but eager to do what is right. God knows that sometimes we are unable to follow through our decisions that an inward war rages on and it could boil down to frustrations (Romans 7: 14-24). He knows that our problems are compounded when frustrations lead to groaning as we wait for the redemption of our body (Romans 8: 18-25).

But we have the privilege of the person of The Holy Spirit, for the Bible says clearly in Romans 8:26-30; that He The Holy Spirit

1. Intercedes (prays) for us
2. Directs and testifies to us
3. Empowers and anoints us for service
4. Searches and enables us to discern
5. Confirms and bears witness with us.

It is therefore imperative that we ensure that we are enjoying these privileges by creating an atmosphere in our inner beings and environment which would enable the person of The Holy Spirit to operate in our lives. This will give expression to how we handle the challenges of life, Amen.

We have from God the promise of a Spirit-filled lifestyle. As a result of the person that in-dwells a believer in Christ, when we face problems, we should automatically measure such problems and start solving them, knowing fully well that He that did not spare His child, but delivered Him up for us all, shall also freely give you the solution to those problems. This should inform us that the worst is over, no matter the situation or circumstances.

My friend, on the road to progress and in this journey of life you must not permit
1. Anything to stop you from advancing in what God has given you or called you to do
2. Nothing should check your divine acceleration

Breakthrough is your birth right as long as you are Born-Again. Yes, there would be trials and tribulation, ups and downs; these were promised in John 16:33; but you are more than a Conqueror through God who loved you, even before you came to Him. Therefore, shout louder, THE WORST IS OVER FOR ME, AMEN.

Courtesy of Overcomer’s Faith Centre
“The Demonstration of Practical Christianity”
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God bless you.

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