The Ministry of Interpreters of Dreams


Gen 41:15

All dreams and visions have their interpreters. Dreams and visions are at the mercy of interpreters. Without interpreters of dreams, dreamers will only be day dreaming. Interpreters therefore are the lifeline of dreams. By interpreters we mean helpers and co-labourers. We mean those with incisive insights into what God has called you to do, and where He is leading you. We mean positive dream interpreters with a view to compliment the dreamer. We are not talking of time wasters, with a lot of negative vibes designed to frighten you out of your God given destiny.

Interpreters are co-labourers in the vineyard of businesses, church planting and growth and all ministry programmes and activities. There are so many of them in the conglomerate called the corporate world. I am very grateful to God that the Overcomer’s Faith Centre have been blessed with vision empowered interpreters who are trail blazers in the things God has called us to do i.e. the demonstration of practical Christianity.

Interpreters of dreams are those who God have called by your side and positioned to assist you on the high way to success. They are women of influence and men of integrity who hook up in loyalty and unity and pursue the cause for which called has called the “set man”, which in Overcomer’s Faith Centre is the Pastor. Interpreters are those who do the business and engage in the practical aspect of seeing the Church’s goals fulfilled as delivered to the set man by God.

Pharaoh had a dream. It took Joseph to interpret it. As a result of that understanding, Joseph served pharaoh in various capacities, from a house boy to Prime Minister. Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams and faithfully work with Pharaoh made a way for him, his family and generation. No wonder God saw to it that at the appointed time, He and his generation were established in the land of Goshen, where there were plenty when the rest of Egypt lived in abject poverty. Thus, what you make happen for somebody, at the fullness of time, God will make sure it happens for you i.e. in due season, you shall receive a bountiful reward.

Thus, interpreters and co-labourers with dreamers help:
1. Restore dreamers to God’s ordained glorious positions or heights
2. Dreamers to recover any lost grounds or sights in the pursuit of Gods purpose (1 Sam. 30)
3. Deliver the colourful and glorious destiny of the dreamer.

Interpreters are
• the strength needed to birth and realise dreams
• the agent for self lifting in life
• reduces the level of sweating, struggling and toiling of a dreamer

No matter your anointing and grace of God in your life, you need God ordained interpreters to make it; else struggling would be an endless vicious cycle in our lives. The paralytic by the pool of Bethsaida was stagnated there for 38 years because of lack of an interpreter (John 5:7). The interpreter is the myth behind easy passage and divine speed in life’s journey. Dream interpreters are agents of impact and such are men and women of OFC

Visions and dreams are the languages of the creative mind. The creative mind is the father and mother of all exploits, accomplishments and breakthrough in life. However the creations or inventions of the creative mind will remain and die in the mind without the interpreter.

Therefore I welcome you to this glorious month as we seek and explore by prayer, teaching and supplication, how God has connected us to this dream and your part in it.

God bless you.

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