1. First of all, Dreamers are seers, not lookers; Gen. 13:14-15, 2 Kings 6:17, & Heb. 11:27. They see into the supernatural. The supernatural world is a world of influence, abundance, possibilities, limitlessness etc which cannot be accessed by the natural eyes. Therefore dreamers see into the world of the invisible to tap what God has earmarked for them that fear Him.

2. Dreamers are not victims of fear. They are bold and dare the dreaded. Fear, worry, tension, anxiety are products of inability to see the operations in the supernatural world.

3. Dreamers are the script writers and players of their destinies (Gen 1:26). Sometimes, non dreamers are victims of the hand writing of ordinances which are contrary to them.

4. Dreamers are risk takers and adventurers. They are ready to sacrifice the known for the unknown. In the words of Jim Eliot “a man is no fool to give up that which he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot loose”.

5. Dreamers are non conformists. They are “rebels” to the status quo. They are always dissatisfied with what they have done for God and would like to do much more to the Glory of His name. Thus dreamers are bitter enemies of complacency.

6. Dreamers are idealist. They are always pursuing what ought to be as opposed to what is. They look for a better and more beautiful situation than what is presenting existing.

7. Dreamers are men and women of influence, dominion and (not of domination). They rule and reign. They are thermostats and not thermometers. Their environment is subject to them and not they to their environment.

8. Dreamers do not leave their destinies to be decided by chances or accidents.

9. Dreamers are workers and not wishers. They are inventors, not imitators. They are originals, not carbon copies.

10. Dreamers are creators, not creatures (Gen. 1: 26).

11. They are voices, not echoes. They are oracles of God, released to show forth His glory.

12. Dreamers are answers, not questions. They are assets, not liabilities. They believe that with and in God all things are POSSIBLE.

13. Dreamers are hopes, not vanities. They are liberated, not bound. Rom. 8:21-23

14. Dreamers are proactive in their reasoning and thinking. They always think far ahead of events and happenings and know that in God there is a way out.

15. Dreamers are not victims of sudden occurrences. Evils don’t suddenly trap them. They can see or detect events long before the happen, thus giving them opportunity to control them. Pharaoh, seeing in his dream the holocaust that was coming upon the world could take precautionary measures to control them as seen in Gen.41.

16. Dreamers carry a healthy and sound emotion. They can therefore turn the worst and hopeless situation to become the best. That was the case with David in 1 Sam. 30:1-20. He recovered all that the Amalekites carried away from him through the force of self encouragement in the Lord.

17. Dreamers carry and reflect a Positive mental attitude rather than a negative mental attitude to life. Whatever is happening to them on the outside don’t affect them on the inside because of the over all confidence in God.

18. Dreamers carry a large heart. They can handle opposition or critics. They can use what is supposed to work against them to their maximum advantage.

19. Dreamers are good listeners. They listen more than talking. They are intelligent actors.

20. Dreamers are good managers, and not wasters of resources – men, materials and time.

21. Dreamers are not selfish, they are selfless. They are not self but God and people centred.

22. Dreamers are spectacles, not spectators, they are players, not referess in the game and race of life.

23. They are goal setters and goal getters.

24. Dreamers are very rugged and undaunted. They do not give up.

25. Dreamers are always going, growing and glowing in the journey of life.

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  1. YH says:


    I just wanted to say that this website/information blessed me totally…outside of reading the word of God, I also conduct research about dreamers (I am one). Still learning how to understand and use the gift that God has given me, it was great reading about the different characteristics of a dreamer….

    God Bless 🙂

  2. Good work says:

    please pastor am so much bless with your charateristics about dreamers ,am writing abook about dreams and i was do research and come a cros ur statement and am bless by them.

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