Pillars of (For) Breakthrough in Life

Joshua 1:8

You have discovered Gods original intention for your life. You have perceived and conceived it. Through CONTACT with divine ideas, blessing of the works of your hand and divine favour you are now on your high way to success, in The Mighty Name of Jesus! God has spoken to you; you have hearkened unto it and now have taken action.

The angels have now been sent on assignment for your cause and course on earth. You have identified and are walking and working with dream interpreters and mentors God has brought your way. Remember you are always going to be blessed or cursed by your associations.

You have sown seeds, made vows and are fervently serving in His vineyard with your treasure, talent and time. It is now time for action. Remember that “Our God is a God of Knowledge and by Him all actions are weighed” 1 Samuel 2:3. That what you have made happen to others, God covenants to ensure that you will not be unrewarded when it comes to your season. Give and it shall be given unto ….Luke 6:38.

You need therefore to erect the structure of your work on strong pillars. They are pillars that will never decay. They are firm pillars and will forever support the viable structure God has committed into your hand. The word of God is the master pillar of life. It holds the key to open or lock any doors. There is nothing life demands that is not obtainable from it. No wonder God said to Joshua in Joshua 1: 8 that it “shall not depart out of thy mouth….” The word is where it all begins and the foundation of our faith.

Another Pillar is our faith in God and His covenant promises to us. Faith is very vital to our walk as believers on earth. Faith is an expression of our confidence in God and His word. The Bible says “Now faith is the substance… Hebrews 11:1-3, 6. Faith is an act motivated by the word of God. It is a living force, drawn from the living word, from the ever increasing and abiding word so as to obtain a living proof. Faith has great recompense of reward (Hebrews 10:35). That you have embarked on a journey in Overcomer’s Faith Centre to pursue Gods original intention for our lives is an act of faith which is producing proofs.

We need too to build and run on the pillar of prayer. Prayer is a type of fuel. It is the spiritual channel for connecting with helps from above (Hebrews 4:16). We go boldly to God in prayers to obtain help from him. Daniel had a course to pursue, Gods original intention for his life. People Nebuchadnezzar and others saw him as a slave, but God perceived him as a Prime Minister. He agreed with God. He was a man of prayer and his situation and circumstances changed. No wonder Daniel is the only one have been thrown into a lions den and he came out alive to tell the story. His prayer life was a source of strength to his faith. Yes faith brought him out of the lions den alive, but prayer sustained his faith in the face of death. Such would be your story as you overcome situation and circumstances confronting you, AMEN!

There is a pillar called direction. It is another master key of life. It is direction that requires you to continuously review, revisit and oil Gods purpose for your life. Were you to miss it in any year in life, you have the opportunity to make amends. Through direction from the word of God, Gods divine plan and purpose for you, your home, finance, work business and nation at any point in time and season will always unfold. There is always a season for you, and you better be awake, attentive and ready to tap into it when God stirs the water for you. Faith is naturally stirred up when you receive and understand divine direction or vision for something from God (Proverbs 29:18).

When we build on these pillars, seek for information and appropriate wisdom into our lives;
1. We would come to appreciate the place of success and prosperity in our lives and undertakings.
2. God will cause His light to be revealed in our ways.
3. Surely we would contact His words for signs and wonders, the supernatural and would appropriate His healing virtues in our emotions, business and lives.
4. We then have no choice but to live a life of praise

Glory as we embark on an expedition this month to discover the pillars for breakthrough.

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Pastor Opara is a passionate preacher of the Word of God.
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