Kingdom Builders


Nehemiah 4: 6

Gods programme for man is always executed by men whose faithfulness has been proved by God in the particular area for which the men are being sent. Overcomer’s Faith Centre has been sent to build people and through it build and extend Gods Kingdom. It is also a fact that many of life breakthroughs are tied to your readiness to be co-labourers in Building Gods kingdom. Hence our understanding of the fundamentals of being a Kingdom Builder determines to a large extent our future as far as breakthrough in life is concerned. We at Overcomer’s Faith Centre therefore believe that until God and the building and extension of His kingdom become the centre of your life, things will keep falling apart. This foundation statement is crucial to our future. We therefore believe that until you are ready to be a Kingdom builder, you are not ready for God.

Brother Nehemiah and co displayed a level of commitment in kingdom building that is worthy of emulation. They set out to work, to show forth the glory of God in faith, prayer and dedicated service. No wonder God honoured His word in their lives because they never allowed the distractions from the opposition to deter them. The   unity of purpose galvanised them to have a mind to work, Amen.

We therefore believe that to be a Kingdom Builder, you need to:

  1. demonstrate commitment and dedication to His course on earth
  2. Be faithful in active service in the church
  3. Give willingly, cheerfully and tirelessly
  4. Continuously sow and water every seed that you plant in the Kingdom
  5. Do not be lazy in the kingdom (Have a mind to work)
  6. Make sacrifices in order to meet kingdom needs
  7. Actively invite people to church, witnessing and soul winning.

We would examine all of the above in chronological order with a view to prepare us thoroughly equipped for kingdom business. And so we commence this month with commitment to God as the number one thing in being a Kingdom builder. Commitment to God is more than intellectual agreement with his principles. Commitment entails giving our whole self; body, soul, emotion and mind for His use. It requires a decision of the mind followed by an act of the will to follow Him, regardless of the cost or difficulty. Therefore it is good to know that commitment can be costly but God has promised to help us and bless us when we are faithful to Him.

Through commitment 4 crucial things are revealed in our lives:

  1. A devote and intimate relationship is established between us and the father
  2. We are able to identify His will for us and purpose for which we are created.
  3. Our gifting and uniqueness is revealed, thus adding meaning to our service both in the church and in our secular work
  4. We witness breakthroughs in situations and circumstances confronting us as we talk and relate with Him in prayer.

At the heart of any commitment to God is dedication. Without dedication, the believer would be struggling to offer God anything like his time, talent and treasure. Such a person would struggle to yield his heart to God. But when we dedicate our body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2), we are able to avoid being conformed to this world but strive to be transformed by the renewing of our mind; THERE AND ONLY THEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO DISCOVER GODS PERFECT WILL FOR OUR LIVES.

The Good news is that Overcomer’s Faith Centre have been sent to equip you, help you access Gods promises for your life, help you know the purpose for living and discover yourself in Christ Jesus. We are here for the demonstration of practical Christianity. Therefore for opportunities to learn more, to be encouraged and be a kingdom builder, serve God in fulfilling ministries and witness your breakthrough instead of the continuous and yearly struggles, visit Overcomer’s Faith Centre or contact your host Pastor on 02089163398, BECAUCSE HELP IS AT HAND! Amen!

God bless you.

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Pastor Opara is a passionate preacher of the Word of God.
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