Created for God’s Work


Eph. 2:10

God’s Work, God’s way. Let us do it like that for he has prepared us in advance for it.

Our future is tied to it. Our destiny hinges on it. Let us take a step to serve God and watch another dimension of His promises and Glory revealed in our lives.

We do not decide our calling. God has already decided it in advance. Let us stop doing our own things first, but put His service in the kingdom as the first priority.


  • Moses called in advance to be a deliverer.
  • He turned to be a murderer.
  • He went into hiding and became a fugitive.

When he turned to do it God’s way, miracles followed, promises were fulfilled with blessings accompanying it.

  1. Today, let us commit to work with our spiritual gifts to serve one another and mankind as God directs us through this ministry
  2. Let us show a deep desire and commitment to do something in the house
  3. Let us start with one area in which we feel competent or able and trust God for improvement
  4. In doing so let us commit to listen to and support the Pastor to help equip and guide us (Eph 4:11-12).
  5. Let us commit our abilities and resources to build this local assemble. How?
  6. Let us trust God for a servant heart and spirit, so that each of us should use whatever we have received from God to serve others (1Peter 4:10).

Are you not gifted? Start serving God and watch Him reveal them to you as he did in the life of Moses.

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Pastor Opara is a passionate preacher of the Word of God.
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