Classes of Interpreters


Gen 41:15, John 1:19-22

1. Every man should be able to define himself in Christ
2. The fact of life is that if you do not know whom you are, life, situation and circumstances will make you who you are not
3. There is no man that can define you more than yourself (Luke 15)
4. And it is the definition you give of yourself that life, including your problems or challenges will accept about you
5. Even the problems of life will take you or accept you the way you take yourself.
6. Do you remember that the ten spies first of all saw themselves as grasshoppers before the giants before they became grasshoppers in the eyes of the giants? Numbers 13:33.

Therefore the first interpreter you need on earth is yourself because
• You must know who you are in Christ
• Why you are here and still living on earth today
• And what you must do to become who God wants you to be.
• With heart yielded to your maker, only you can ask and secure answers to these questions.

Some bodys destiny is about to unfold. Therefore take the steps to discover who you are so you will no longer be a wanderer or liability on earth.

Destiny Induced Interpreters

Vision Empowered Interpreters

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