I Believe & Confess

1. That the favour of God is in my life
2. That the steadfast love of the Lord never fails and will not fail in my life
3. I believe and confess that at all times, God is loving me and lifting me out of the dust and defeat.
4. God has brought me into a place of promotion.
5. His banner over me is love as He has brought me into His banqueting table, AMEN!
6. In my new found love, I embrace the pillars of continuous breakthrough.

7. I therefore believe and confess that the deeper knowledge of God and His Wisdom from above flows in my life.
8. I confess boldly that the horn of my strength shall be exalted and the grace of God shall abound in my life.
9. For God is promoting me and lifting my heart to understand His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit.
10. As Jesus discovered what was written about Him, I am discovering mine too.
11. The Lord is making room for me and is increasing my capacity for information, desire and knowledge of Him and the things that make for my peace.

12. Therefore by faith, I confess that the cycle of degradation is broken in my life, because God has made me to sit in heavenly places with Him.
13. By prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, I believe my promotion is of the Lord and not from man.
14. I therefore confess clearly that every pit that the enemy has dug for my life will become a stepping stone. Divine healing from emotional or any other hurts is my portion.
15. Breakthrough has come into my life because I now have a hope, purpose and direction in life.
16. I am now willing and able to overtake the destroyer and recover all.
17. The day of the Lord is upon me and as a regular planter and seed sower; my days of harvest are here.
18. Very soon the windows of heaven will open for me
19. All eyes will see what God is doing in my life.
20. I therefore boldly declare that I have come out of sadness into Gods joy, AMEN.

Pastor Opara
Overcomers Faith Centre