You are welcome to join us on Sundays . . .

Located in Sutton, Surrey, our church is the right size for you to get involved in our ministry and it is big enough to help you grow in your Christian walk. We are working to spread the Christian message, by developing Men, Women and Youth Ministries. We aim to put Jesus first, in all that we do and help people to know Him.

Do you think:

1. You are facing a bleak future,
2. Things seem not to be working,
3. Seem to face challenges here and there?

Jesus said, Repent i.e. change for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The Kingdom of Heaven holds what I call Divine Information System (DIS). To operate it on earth, you need Joshua 1:8, Philippians 4:8 & Eph 1:18.

Join other Overcomers every Sunday (10:30am) and Wednesdays (7:30pm) at Overcomers Faith Centre, to know how to access DIS. Your future will be clearer and your destiny will be sure; come and know how to stop conflicting demonic signals that may be bothering you. Come and you will be glad you did. It is a New Day for you. Amen.

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Here at Overcomers Faith Centre (OFC), we:

  • Value Individual Uniqueness
  • Discover Purpose for Living
  • Have a Sense of Belonging


Beloved of God,
Overcoming defeat; that is our theme for the month.
Do you feel defeated? Got good news for you. Starting from now and every Wednesday, I invite you to join me Pastor Opara at OFC to receive weapons to win where you may have given up.
It is your TURN as I look forward to welcoming you.

Our Services

Every Sunday @ 10:30am – Inspirational Teaching
Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm – Prayer and Personal Ministrations

Pastor Opara
OFC, Capitol House
662 London Road